Epitome of Darkness [hiatus]


(hiatus until december)

Rain falls in my heart
Today and tomorrow will be like yesterday
Tears fall down like rain
It’s still raining
This night is never ending, so lately
These days, my tears fall like rain
It’s raining right now

Yuta in ‘Do You Know’ MV remake // EXO90:2014

Hyeri on Real Men’s female special

Someone stop the maknae.

Are you guys the type who take the initiative to confess? Or you wait?

Confused Cutie Bae Irene <3 

34/100 random gifs of my ultimate bias. 

cute taeyong coming through

the first thing that comes into Joy’s mind when they have to draw a autumn-themed picture…

Irene questioning if fancams are recording her (¬‿¬)

It’s alright. They scold me all the time.